• Bringing the Awesome into Kid's Bedrooms


    “Safe and Sound… and AWESOME!”



    Once upon a time, young children’s bedrooms remained bland, boring and unimaginative. This left our next generation of young minds with no creative outlet to nurture and grow.

    But then one day, a young family created Racing Car Beds.

    A haven was now available where loving parents had the opportunity to explore exciting & fun bedrooms that their children could fall in love with again.

    Now, children lived in the creative world again! Feeling safe with a level of excitement that only our young minds can engage.

    The path to unlimited potential and greatness was finally alive once again!

    “That’s how we wanted our kids to sleep every single night. We also wanted to enjoy some quiet time after bedtime without having to spend ages getting the kids off to bed.”

                                                                                                 John and Tonia, parents that see bedtime through their kids’ eyes

    When faced with “cot to bed” transition time or even a bedroom upgrade for their kids, unfortunately parents’ searches for imaginative, safe and fun bed options come to a screeching halt.

    Cheap beds made of MDF materials or car beds that look more like… well, not cars, saturate the market making it difficult to create the wonderful, unique environment you and your kids have always dreamed of.

    We wanted more for our son Mason – to ease him through the sometimes troublesome cot transition phase. In the absence of any suitable options for his first “big bed”, we located our own.

    “Racing Car Beds was born when we finally located a European manufacturer that met our strict requirements (no dodgy hinges or unfinished edges for our little guy) – a safe and well-made racing car bed that made us wish we were kids again.”

                                                                                                 John and Tonia, envious parents with happy, well-rested kids

    We are proud to be able to offer the rest of Australia easy access to the kinds of quality racing car beds and accessories that wowed their son. Now you can create the ultimate bedtime experience for the little people in your life.

    They’ll even get their own personalised decals with their name and age to make sure they feel as special as you know they are.


    With an expansive range of beds, quilt covers, pillows and bedside tables and novelties that make a kid’s room come alive, Racing Car Beds is the bedtime one-stop shop that you’ve always dreamt of.

    “The only thing cooler than the sound of my son’s dream bed is the silence after the headlights have been switched off”.

                                                                                                 John and Tonia, why not chat with them about your bedrooms


    Customer Feedback

    Assembled Davis’ bed today. He loves it. Thank you for your wonderful service
    Sharon, Newcastle
    Can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve done. Have attached a few captured moments of happy son n daddy.
    Sagar, Melbourne
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