• Bringing the Awesome into Kid's Bedrooms

  • Why we chose a kids Racing Car Bed

    In a blink of an eye it seemed that we were suddenly faced with the prospect of moving our little baby boy into his first big bed. It was a prospect that was borne out of necessity, more than anything

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    Helping your child sleep

    Have you ever noticed that as a parent you are often bombarded, whether solicited or not, with advice on how to raise your kids? I soon learnt to take in everything as graciously as I could, though often with a

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    Car beds for kids and why us parents love them

    Why do they make car beds for kids? Are Kids Car Beds worth it? It’s a given, both boys and girls alike love playing with cars! There is a possible reason for this. Not only are they brilliant fun, but

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    Importance of toddler sleep

    The actual time that a child needs to go to bed and how many hours of sleep that child should have per day can be dependent on age. Babies generally need more sleep in comparison to toddlers and older children

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    Transitioning your child from cot to bed

    There is no ‘perfect’ or set time for when you should switch your child over from the inevitable cot to bed. However, in most cases, parents look to target this transition between the ages of 18 months and 3.5 years.

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