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    R8 Extreme Blue
    R8 Extreme BlueR8 Extreme BlueR8 Extreme Blue

    V8 Quattro – Blue

    $1,499 $1,149

    Faster than a speeding bullet!

    Leaping tall buildings in a single bound!

    Ok, it can’t do these two things but your child will think it can and more! (what’s more important wouldn’t you say?)

    The Super V8 is insane. A fantastic specimen of engineering, the blue V8 Quattro is unique to say the least. Your child will wonder why it took you so long to get them one and Dad… well Dad will be one of their biggest fans.

    The fastest thing about these beds is how quickly they get snapped up when we receive them back in stock.

    We truly love the sleek sophistication of the V8 and our young boy does too – actually he just thinks it’s plain cool and loves to show off his bedroom at every chance he gets (especially when friends come over).

    Made from safe plastics and solid materials, a well looked after bed will last your child for years to come.

    Let your child live the creative.



    • The works, including an LED illumination system, headlights and under carriage lighting
    • Realistic car sound effects at the touch of a button on the included remote control.
    • Exclusively personalised (and removable) Racing Car Bed decal to show’s off your child’s name and age
    • Rear sports spoiler

    Other Specs:

    • Dimensions: 246 x 125cm
    • Weight: 72kg
    • Fits a Single Mattress 90 x 190 cm (not included, but may be added with one our exclusive packages)
    • Made in Europe
    • Made from High Grade & Resistant Thermoplastic


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    Customer Feedback

    This bed is perfect for my son. It took about an hour to assemble, is heavy duty, and looks great in my kids room. It went together very easily. It also came packaged extremely well. Thankyou.
    Jason, Castle Hill
    Awesome beds. My sons absolutely love their beds! Thanks John & Tonia :)
    Joe, Sydney
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